Alumni who Graduated with Distinction

Undergrad Research Poster

Above: Weiyao Wang discusses his research project with Professor Susan Rodger

Graduation with Distinction is awarded to students who complete a substantial project that consists of at least one year’s work, including an independent study under the guidance of a faculty member. The project represents a significant intellectual endeavor and requires a presentation made to a committee of three faculty members. (See requirements)

2018 Awardees:

Graduation with Highest Distinction

Erin Taylor
Advisor: Pankaj K. Agarwal
Subtrajectory Clustering

Weiyao Wang
Advisor: Rong Ge
SVRG Escapes Saddle Points

Jie (Amy) Yang
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
A Scalable Cryptocurrency Based on A Byzantine-Safe Key-Value Store

Haofeng (Fred) Zhang
Advisor: Debmalya Panigrahi
Primal-dual Analysis of Competitive Page Algorithms

Wuming Zhang
Advisor: Kris Hauser
Single-Image Footstep Prediction for Versatile Legged Locomotion

Graduation with High Distinction

Robert Frank Martorano II
Advisor: Xiaobai Sun
Semantic Term “Blurring” and Stochastic “Barcoding” for Improved Text Classification

Timothy Mu
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
Recovery in Casba, a Leaderless Replicated Key-value Store

Ashwin Ramachandran
Advisor: Bruce Maggs
An Improved Decentralized Autonomous Organization Venture and Governance Model

David Yan
Advisor: Xiaobai Sun
Exploiting Semantic Word Relationships for Improved Unsupervised Academic Document Classification

Graduation with Distinction

Jihane Bettahi
Advisor: Robert Duvall
Ontology-Based Curriculum Sequencing for Learning Path Generation

Previous Recipients
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