Registration Clearance

CS First Majors

Re-Bookbagging for Fall 2020 starts Monday, July 27. Registration begins August 3, 2020. The Semester will begin on August 17th.

All undergraduates will be automatically cleared for Fall 2020 registration. You do not need to meet with an advisor. You can still virtually meet with your advisor if you want or you can virtually meet with DUS Susan Rodger or DUS Associate Owen Astrachan.

If you have questions about advising, have forms that need signing (see note about CPT and OPT below), send email to

  • For OPT, email your student id number and that you want an OPT letter. Use the subject: OPT - your name, your student ID number.
  • For CPT, email and use the subject: CPT - your name, student id number, and attach a completed CPT form:

    • For the CPT form, fill out everything except my signature and date. You must include the section of 270 that you are registered for including the instructor's name. The last two lines refer to your job, which for most people is 40 hours a week full-time.

    • Also this is NOT required for your major so check that box as no. The other two boxes can be checked yes.
      Check YES, NO, YES.

    • For me you can put:

      Dept: Computer Science Department
      Title: Director of Undergraduate Studies
      Name: Susan Rodger
      Phone: 919-660-6595
      Fax: 919-660-6519

In general, if you have questions send email to and we will answer them there.

Virtual Meetings with the DUS

If you want to sign up to meet virtually with the DUS for questions about the major or advising, you can find the link on this page. (requires authentication)

Permission Numbers for Fall 2020 courses

If you need a PIN for Fall 2020, please fill out this form.

This PIN is for overriding course pre-requisites. It will NOT get you in a course that is full, and you will be placed on the waitlist. You will receive the PIN prior to your registration window. If you are undeclared, you will need to submit a Dean's permission form with the Registrar to get into graduate level classes.


Answers to Common Questions:

Who do I meet with if my first major is not CompSci?

If you are a CompSci second major or CompSci minor, then you need to meet with your First Major Advisor to be cleared to register.

Who do I meet with if I am doing study abroad?

If you are away/abroad this semester, you are automatically cleared for registration for fall courses. 

If you are planning on being abroad next semester, and you have been approved for a study abroad program, then you do not need to meet. If you have not been approved yet, you should bookbag and register for Duke courses. Many CompSci courses fill up during the registration period so if you do not go abroad, it would be difficult to add CompSci courses later.

How do I add/drop/change my major, minor, concentration or certificate?

Instructions and links for doing so are available on the registrar’s website. Note that no changes to academic plans will be processed by the registrar’s office during registration period.

Are there substitutions for courses?

Any substitutions must be approved by the DUS office. A list of common substitutions are on this page, but they are not automatic. Send a request to for approval of a course substitution.