Welcome New Computer Science Major!


We are happy to welcome you as a Computer Science major and as a new member of our department! The Computer Science Department is located in the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC) in the D wing. You will be contacted by the CS Lab Staff with instructions on how to open a department UNIX account. Please complete this form to give us your advisor preferences (requires login).

We encourage you to review the following CS web pages:

You will be automatically added to a CS ugrad listerv (ugrad@cs.duke.edu) that we will use to send department wide announcements, events hosted by the CS department, and distinguished alumni speakers. For job solicitations and notification of events hosted by other student organizations, you can manually join the compsci@duke.edu listserv here.

We encourage you to become involved with the Computer Science Student Union (CSSU), which is a chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). This group is open to all students interested in computing, whether a major, minor, or not. This group hosts informal talks, panels, workshops, and social events several times per semester. Your participation in CSSU will give you a good change to get to know your fellow computer science majors or those interested in computing, to hear interesting topics, and to have a place to express your opinion about your CS education at Duke.

You can also join the official Duke Computer Science Facebook group which is overseen by CSSU. It is a growing community of around 2000 students and alumni. This is a great place to post any CS related question, event, or project. 

Please email us at dus@cs.duke.edu with questions you have about the major. You can sign up to meet with Susan Rodger on this page here (Duke authentication required).

Welcome to Computer Science,

Susan Rodger DUS, LSRC D237
Owen Astrachan, Associate DUS, LSRC D241


Last updated 2/22/2022