Hello Everyone! My name is Souvik Sen.
I have joined HP Labs, Palo Alto as a Research Scientist. My current website is here.

I earned my PhD from department of Computer Science, Duke University in July 2012. I was a member of SyNRG, Systems Networking Research Group.
My adviser is Dr. Romit Roy Choudhury.

Research Interest

I am interested in the areas of wireless networking and mobile computing.
Currently, my research focuses on exploiting physical layer (PHY) capabilities for designing wireless networking protocols. I am also investigating how PHY layer sensing can benefit mobile applications. To demonstrate these opportunities I have designed, prototyped, deployed, and evaluated wireless and mobile systems using network drivers, software radios, smart antennas, phone sensors etc.

Recent Publications

  • Spot localization using PHY layer information.
    MobiSys 2012
  • No need to War-Drive: Unsupervised Indoor Localization.
    MobiSys 2012
Complete List here