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Professor of Computer Science

Faculty Area:
Scientific Computing
xiaobai at cs.duke.edu
(919) 660-6518
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Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park, 1991
M.S., Academia Sinica, Beijing, China, 1983


Numerical analysis, matrix theory, high-performance scientific computing, and parallel computing.

Current Projects:
Theory and algorithm development for large matrix computation problems arising in computational science and engineering.

Selected Publications
  • Sun, X. "A Methodology Towards Automatic Implementation of N-body Algorithms." to appear in J. Numer. Comp.
  • Sun, X. and Pitsianis, N. "A Matrix Version of the Fast Multipole Method." SIAM Review, 43.2, (2002): 289-300.
  • Sun, X., Jin, W., and Chase, J. "FastSlim: Prefetch-Safe Trace Reduction for I/O System Simulation." ACM Transactions in Modeling andSimulation, 2000.
  • Pauca, P., Ellerbroek, B., Plemmons, B., and Sun, X. "Structured Matrix Representatives of Two-parameter (Hankel) Transforms in AdaptiveOptics." Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 316, (2000): 29-43.
  • Greengard, L. and Sun, X. "A New Version of the Fast Gauss Transform." Documenta Mathematica, Extra Volume ICM III, (1998): 575-584.