CS Term Account Instructions

Term Accounts are short-term accounts, associated with semester coursework, with minimal procedures for setup and expiration. The initial account requests can be submitted either by instructors or their TAs.


What you need to do:

Please do not use the Term Accounts Form for C.S. faculty, staff, students (graduate, undergraduate major/minor), or for other guest accounts.

  • Please use the online Duke C.S. Academic Term Accounts Form to set up any computer accounts needed for courses for the current academic term. This form is for class accounts only. For other types of accounts, please see below.
  • This form can only be filled out by the Instructor.
  • Submit as many instances of the form as you need for any courses that you are teaching.
  • All C.S. majors and minors already have C.S. computer accounts (even if they don't recall getting one).
  • Term accounts will be disabled two weeks after final exams, unless the Accounts Manager is notified by the Instructor. In many cases, an account can be re-enabled if needed the following term. (The accounts are not generally removed until a later date.)
  • For non-C.S. students, please utilize ACPUB facilities, if at all possible, as there is moderate overhead in the setup, maintenance, and removal of computer accounts.
  • If you need accounts created for any other purpose - such as for collaborative research - then the regular Computer Account Request Form should be used.


What your students need to do:

  • Students with accounts set up via this form may retrieve their account information (username / password) online at the Account Information Retrieval page, using their NetID authentication.

    Alternatively, they may pick up their information from the Accounts Manager (or other Lab Staff), located on the first floor of the department. Students should bring their Duke ID card for identification.


  • Who is the Accounts Manager? Since this could change at any time, we thought it best not to put a person's name in these instructions. To find out who the Accounts Manager currently is, please contact the Lab Staff, or use the email address <acctmgr@cs.duke.edu>.